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For me, to travel is to breathe.   

My creativity has always been influenced by the colours of the rainforest‚ the ocean and the llush beauty of the tropics.

Growing up in Papua New Guinea, I was exposed to rich and pristine rainforests, stunning brightly coloured birds and animals, crystal clear rivers, beaches and islands and am today, drawn to the untouched parts of the world. 

It was not until I moved to Alice Springs, in Central Australia that I discovered my fascination  of the Australian desert country and the powerful influence of the vivid colours of the Australian Red Centre.  

My art & photography reflects my love of  colour but you may also catch a glimpse of my wry sense of humour  and  perspective of life, as I see it.

My work has been exhibited with some success and is held in private collections internationally and throughout Australia. 

Today, I travel as much as I can.  I try to capture my experiences to share with others and wherever possible I reflect my experiences in my photographs and my watercolours.


Ann  xo

10 things to know about me

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